“In Body I Trust” Book Cover Release

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I can’t believe it’s finally here! You are the first people to EVER see the final product, the book cover for In Body I Trust (available for preorder coming soon).

Let me tell you a little bit more of what In Body I Trust is about…

Amelia is about to turn 30, but instead of celebrating, she is overpowered by her battle against anxiety and depression driven by the inner voices of her little monster— her eating disorder.

But as days progress, the mundane becomes the unmanageable. She self-medicates with alcohol and sinks lower into vivid flashbacks of her and Dominic backpacking the world together. One day he went to Guatemala, the next he vanished like a ghost, leaving Amelia to remain in the depths of her eating disorder alone. That is, until she meets Emmett, her new neighbor with schizoaffective disorder she’s deemed as her guardian angel from afar.

Based on a true story, In Body I Trust dives into the mind of Amelia as she struggles to swim from the deepest, darkest parts of herself back to the top, before it’s too late.

Why I Wrote In Body I Trust

In 2018, I was diagnosed with anorexia nervosa and binge eating disorder (you can learn more about my recovery story here). After becoming unemployed in 2020 due to COVID-19, while going through my own turmoil of having to deal with the hardships of a global pandemic and many other life circumstances, I had relapsed.

Then I met a friend who gave me a light. He opened up something inside of me I didn’t know existed, and believed in me when I had no one. He told me to write. Create the thing I’ve always wanted to create. Do what I need to do and forget what the rest of the world might think because perhaps I had the power to change at least one person’s life. To let them know that they aren’t alone.

If he is reading this, I miss you and you mean the world to me.

So after six months of building a love-hate relationship with the book, I committed myself to it and never looked back. I’m on the verge of fulfilling one of my life’s biggest goals. And I have become the person I’ve always wanted to be. Lauren Dow, an author and mental health advocate.

To Everyone Who Participated in the Book Cover Focus Group


You all helped me make some tough decisions, gave me insight on things that would have never crossed my mind, and ultimately helped me to take the final plunge on what my gut was telling me the entire time. I am doing the most vulnerable thing I could ever do, and your contribution has meant the world to me.

How Do I Preorder In Body I Trust?

I got you! A preorder announcement email will be going out this coming Monday, February 1, 2021 with a date as to when the preorder will be available. You can learn more about the book by clicking here.

In Body I Trust will be available through over 40,000 independent bookstores and retailers around the world including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Target, and so many more. I honestly can’t believe it, I have to pinch myself every day realizing that this is actually a thing…

Donations to Project HEAL

10% of royalties received from preorders of  In Body I Trust  by Lauren Dow will be donated to Project HEAL

Because I believe that NO ONE should be left without proper care, I will be donating 10% of the royalties I receive on all preorders to Project HEAL, a nonprofit organization helping to break down systemic, healthcare, and financial barriers to eating disorder treatment, providing life-saving support to people with eating disorders who the system fails, and continuing quantitative research for under researched populations.

To learn more about Project HEAL, visit theprojectheal.org or follow them on Instagram @projectheal

Thank You For All of Your Support & Encouragement. You will always have a special place in my heart for helping to make my dreams, my story, become a reality.

If you’d like to stay connected on social media,
you can follow me on Instagram @laurendowwrites.


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Coming Out Of A Depressive State

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