I Am the Author of My Life

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“You are the author of your life’s book. What does a picture perfect ending look like?”

I was asked this question yesterday in an interview I did with We Are All One Story.

I looked at him for a few minutes and smiled.

“Only God knows the answer to that.”

“And I agree, but if it were up to you, what would it look like?”

I had a hard time answering this question. Sure, I have dreams and goals in my life. But it took me a while to be able to really think about what it is that I want or what it would look like. Because every single day, I am living the future for myself I never thought would exist.

In the state of the world we are living in, it’s hard to plan beyond the next few hours. It’s hard to look down the road and be able to determine a path for myself. But looking back over this last year, so much has transpired that I never in a million years thought would have happened. Things I didn’t plan for.

So now, when I think about what I would want my picture perfect future to be, I don’t think I have one because this journey is so all over the place, I just want to enjoy the ride and see where it takes me.

I live so much more in the moment now than I ever have before. Not to sound corny with that whole “YOLO” thing but it’s really how I have been living. Life moves a little slower, I appreciate the smaller things, I don’t feel like I have to prove anything to anyone but myself, I don’t have every day be the most productive or else I’m considered a failure.

Lauren Dow is the author of “Your Wild Journal” and an advocate for mental health.

I get to actually enjoy the present instead of focusing so far into a future that isn’t promised, or could shift at any point. I’m happy, and I sure as heck hope you are too.

To everyone who has supported me on this journey so far, I just want to say thank you. It’s one thing to publish a book, but now it’s tangibly in the hands of people like you which has exceeded far beyond any expectations I could have had (and if you know me, I don’t believe in expectations so whatever I would have thought, you have helped to surpass that tenfold).

I’m so grateful I have been able to share my creative, wild soul with each and every one of you. I hope that “Your Wild Journal” brings something good to the hands that hold it.

I’ll leave you with these words…

“It’s easy to buy things, it’s easy to say things, it’s easy to wish for things but it’s hard to abide by the hard work I know it takes me to recognize that I am already good inside.

So for humanity sake, whatever you do, do it a lot and never stop. Believe in yourself no matter what. And when you’re at the top, enjoy the view.

Dear every single person, ever. I think I love you.”

DAO, Adam Friedman – “The View”


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Hey, I’m Lauren Dow. Author, podcast host, advocate, and feeler of the big feels. I’m here to provide a safe space to normalize the conversation about mental health and share about my journey of healing. Thanks for joining me on this wild ride.


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